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Smeg Home Garden
Smeg Home Garden When we and Smeg put our heads together to think of an exciting new addition to Smeg's household range, a domestic greenhouse was the natural choice. As a home for plants, a greenhouse immediately ties in with the rest of Smeg's products for the home. The link is further reflected by the Home Garden's design in the shape of a house with roof and two side entrances. We have thought of the Home Garden as a living painting, an intelligent furnishing with which to decorate the house. The Home Garden provides shelter for plants, allowing them to thrive in homes that do not have an outside space. It is a home within a home where the plants are the protagonists. The discreet stainless steel frame with clear glass panels allow unimpeded views of the greenery inside, at all times and from all angles. The technology used ensures healthy plant growth while the design enhances their beauty nature and encourages our fascination with nature. From the start, the Home Garden was conceived as a simple, easy-to-use object for those who wish to be able to look after their " garden under glass" every day of the year. Plants and flowers give boundless pleasure but in return demand lots of love, care and attention. In bringing together both these aspects-relaxing pleasure and tender care- the Home Garden adds more than a touch of interest and enjoyment to life.

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